He is the theme and we are the footnotes

I listened to a marvellous sermon by Paul Blackham given on Christmas Eve, 2000.

As ever Paul announced Jesus as the event of history.

How often do we think we are the great event of history though!?

It is good to get this perspective. God promised Christ as the serpent crusher, Genesis 3:15. Indeed the Bible is thereafter the search for the serpent crusher. Paul makes the point that Eve even seems to believe that she has brought forth the serpent crusher straight away. Take a look at Genesis 4:1 where Eve celebrates the arrival of Cain. Blackham says that (as some footnotes allude) it would be better translated from Eve: ‘With the help of the Lord I have brought forth THE man.’ Rather, than simply ‘a man.’ Unfortunately Cain was a man who would demonstrate the condition of humanity, rather than come to rescue it.

History is about God’s salvation plan as shown in Scripture!

Some ways this matters for mental health:

  1. It does not matter if I do not change the world today
  2. I can do nothing this morning— and it is still ok.
  3. My witnessing is to be to him and not to what a ‘great bloke’ I am.
  4. I am not defined by my long term achievements, but by his.
  5. Our significance, as Blackham points out, is defined by our relationship to this central man of history, Jesus Christ.
  6. I need to fill my head with him, rather than with me.
  7. I must thank God for my walk on part; but it is really Jesus who gets all the applause. Glory to him.
  8. Who I am is more important than what I do or produce.

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