John Newton’s advice on persevering

These points are from Vaughan Roberts talk at the Evangelical Ministry Assembly (2016)

Things we can learn from Newton’s writings…

  1. Always delight in grace

He resolved ‘to tell the world from my own experience there is mercy for blasphemers.’

Keep close to the atonement he told ministers.

2. Keep looking to Christ

Realised that only through Christ he would grow in godliness. He often quote Hebrews 12:2 with reference to fixing our eyes on Jesus. Also 2 Cor 3:18.

There is the importance of seeing Jesus as ruling, reigning, interceding for us. A believing view of Jesus ‘does the business.’ We are not to resolve to become holy in our OWN strength, but by looking to him.

3. Be disciplined in devotion

Keep directing your soul to hungering and thirsting for Jesus. We need a humble dependence in our changing circumstances.

Sometimes getting our own heart in order is no easier than raising the dead.

4. Maintain close relationships

5. Suffer well

Ministry he said was ‘a sorrow full of joy.’

Don’t focus on the trials themselves, but look back to the cross, forward to glory and upward to the sovereign Lord.

Leave our troubles to themselves and ‘walk to Golgotha.’

‘All of our concerns lie in the hands that bled for us.’

‘If it be the way to heaven, the end will make amends.’




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