Christ’s heart beats faster now– Thomas Goodwin

Today I have scanned through ‘The Heart of Christ’ which is a Thomas Goodwin classic, published by Banner of Truth.

Goodwin has the tantalising theme which he develops, that now Christ is in heaven his heart is more inclined towards us than when he was on earth! What a surprise, when we can so often feel that Christ is distant from us, because he is away from us in heaven. Goodwin wonderfully turns this on it’s head and warms our hearts with this affectionate theology that he shared with his contemporary Richard Sibbes.

‘Though Christ be now in glory, yet let that not discourage you, for he hath the heart of a husband towards you, being ‘betrothed unto you for ever in faithfulness and in lovingkindness’ (Hosea 2:19) pg 86.

Does a good husband’s love not increase when he is away from his wife and children?

He writes that Christ cannot rest, until he restores us to beauty (Eph 5:26,27). The love of Christ is increased towards us by what he did upon earth before he went to heaven (such sacrifice ‘lays a strong engagement upon a man’ pg 91). Also, now he has suffered as a man, his heart is more inclined and sympathetic towards us: ‘he experimentally knows the misery and distress of such a condition…’ pg157. Before his incarnation, Christ did not have this same knowledge.

Anyway, what I am thinking is that this sort of heart warming stuff should be more accessible. I would love to have a go at writing it in short story form for my kids, drawing upon the Biblical illustrations in human relationships and taking short scriptures. I would love it if they grew up with this sort of thing in their hearts.




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