The Valley of Vision

From ‘The Love of Jesus’ (Valley of Vision- Puritan Prayer Collection)



‘…My heart melts at the love of Jesus,

My brother, bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh,

Married to me, dead for me, risen for me;

He is mine and I am his,

Given to me as well as for me;

I am never so much mine as when I am his,

Or so much lost to myself until lost in him;

Then I find my true manhood.


But my love is frost and cold, ice and snow;

Let his love warm me,

Lighten my burden,

Be my heaven;

May it be more revealed to me in all its influences

That my love to him may be more fervent and glowing;

Let the mighty tide of his everlasting love

Cover the rocks of my sin and care…’

These guys definitely knew how to pray. These past few months my wife and I have been inspired through the prayers from this book that have inspired the CD by the same title, released by Sovereign Grace Ministries. Its well worth getting a hold of if you haven’t already got it. There is this awesome song that we recently used on our youth camp to help explain the Trinity that is addressed to Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Those of us who wish to see the church become more Trinitarian will love it I’m sure! 

Anyone been listening to any good worship music recently? I’m always interested to hear of any good Jesus centered songs for congregational singing that people have come across.


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